About Business Club Ikeja

The Business Club lkeja is a premium business network of committed professionals which was established in the year 1991.

Members enjoy monthly programs where they build productive relationships and share experience and skills. Membership of Business Club lkeja is open to companies in the lkeja business district and its environs.

Business Club lkeja’s unique and innovative features make it the business club of choice in the lkeja Business Districts. It offers a unique opportunity to escape from the routine and stress of work and maintain a healthy lifestyle by patronising the Club Wellness Centre.

It is our ethos to allow business relationships to grow organically and, by providing the ambient setting in terms of location, food and refreshments, friendship and trust are nurtured. You are more likely to do business with someone you know, like and trust. Come to the lkeja Business Club and network in beautiful surroundings with like-minded people.

Our members provide the club with a continuous stream of expert knowledge, shared ideas and professional updates, unique to their discipline, which will enhance your personal and business growth. The members’ forum, led by a skilled facilitator or coach, will allow you to utilise the business knowledge and experience within the group to test plans, get input into ideas or decisions, or simply discuss local business issues.

Our Vision

“To be the best Club in Ikeja District promoting intellectual, social and business development opportunities”.

Mission Statement

“To be a more visible, financially sustainable business Club with 100% of its registered members actively engaged in the Club, while providing:

  • Reliable and current business information through a functioning and dynamic website and other communication channels.
  • A fully equipped wellness centre for members.
  • Business support services to members
  • And increasing membership by registering 20 corporate organsiations as new members every year.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To provide a forum where business people can interact socially on a regular basis and also exchange ideas on strategies to further move business forward in Nigeria.
  2. To make meaningful contribution, as a Club through debate and other activities and also to be part of policy making for positive development local, state, and national levels.
  3. To work actively with other relevant bodies for the development of infrastructure, security, communication and other resources essential for the well-being and growth of the business in general and the Ikeja are in particular.
  4. To engender harmonious relationship amongst the local business communities whereby their interest are protected for the benefit of all.